Answering the question “What is an A Record Godaddy?” is critical for understanding the basics of web hosting and domain management. An A record, or address record, is the most fundamental type of DNS record and is used to indicate the IP address of a domain. It is necessary for connecting a domain to an IP address that directs visitors to your website.

What is an A Record Godaddy?
An A record is a type of DNS record used to connect your domain to an IP address that directs visitors to your website. It is the most basic type of DNS record and is necessary for pointing the domain name to the associated IP address. This allows visitors to find the website when they type the domain name into their browser.

How to Add an A Record to GoDaddy
Adding an A record to GoDaddy is a straightforward process. You’ll need to log into your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio and select the “Add New Record” option under the “DNS” tab. From the Type menu, select “A” and enter the IP address that will be associated with the domain name. Then click the “Add record” button to save your new A record.

What is the Difference Between A Record and CNAME?
It’s important to understand the difference between an A record and a CNAME. An A record adds a domain name to an IP address, while a CNAME is a type of record that adds an alias of one name to another. For example, a CNAME could be used to point “” to “”.

Understanding the basics of an A record is essential for managing web hosting and domain names. With GoDaddy’s easy-to-use DNS management system, adding an A record is a simple process. And understanding the difference between an A record and a CNAME is critical for managing web hosting. For detailed answers to your web hosting questions, visit

How would you describe an A record in GoDaddy?

A records are the basic type of DNS record and are used to define the IP address that a domain points to. The most common A record is the root domain, such as, which usually links the domain to a hosting account.

What is the location of the A record on GoDaddy?

Log in to the GoDaddy Domain Control Center, then select your domain to open the Domain Settings page. Under Additional Settings, choose Manage DNS. If there are any existing A Records, click the pencil icon, then the trash icon to delete the record. Afterwards, select Add in the records table, and under Type, choose A.

What is the purpose of an A domain record?

An A record links a domain to the IP address of the computer that is hosting the domain’s DNS settings. This allows web traffic to locate the computer using the domain name. The value of an A record is always an IP address, and it is possible to have several A records associated with a single domain name.

What is the procedure for adding an AAAA record to GoDaddy?

Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio. (Need help signing in? …) Then, click on Domain Edit Options next to your domain and choose Edit DNS. Select the Add option to create a new record. From the Type menu options, select TXT. Enter the details for your AAAA record and select Add Record to save it.