Are you looking for an answer on how to add reviews to your GoDaddy website? This article will provide clear instructions on how to do it and show you how to make the most of the available tools.

How to add reviews to GoDaddy website?

Adding reviews to a GoDaddy website can be done manually or with widgets. You can select a review to edit its details or add more reviews. You can also reorder reviews by selecting the horizontal lines and dragging them.

Adding reviews manually

To add reviews manually, go to your GoDaddy product page and scroll down to Websites + Marketing. Select “Manage” next to your website or store. From your Dashboard, go to Commerce and click on Reviews. Here you can select, edit and reorder reviews.

Adding Widgets to your website

To add widgets to your website, you can go to Elfsight. Here you can find a free editor to create your own plugin. Select the preferable form and specifications of your widget. To add the Google Reviews widget to GoDaddy, select the appropriate option from the list. With Elfsight Reviews from TripAdvisor plugin, you can also easily integrate reviews about your business from TripAdvisor into your GoDaddy website.

Adding All-in-One Reviews

To add All-in-One Reviews to your GoDaddy site, first you need to go to the page where you want the reviews to appear. To do this, go to GoDaddy’s website builder and click the plus (+) button. Then select the All-in-One Reviews section. Here you can select the reviews you want to add and add other specifications.

Adding reviews to your GoDaddy website can be an easy task if you know the right tools and follow the instructions. For more web hosting questions and answers, visit, a great resource for web hosting users.

What is the process for adding a review section to my website hosted on GoDaddy?

Head to your GoDaddy product page, scroll down to Websites + Marketing, and select ‘Manage’ next to your website. Then, click ‘Edit Website’ or ‘Edit Site’ to open your website builder. Once inside, go to the page and specific spot you wish to add reviews, and add a section.

What is the process for including customer reviews on my website?

Copy the embed code provided.
Paste the embed code into your website.

1. Log in to the Google account associated with your business listing.
2. Open your Google+ business page.
3. Select the share icon in the bottom right corner of the review.
4. Select the options arrow in the upper right corner of the shared post.
5. Select “Embed Post” from the menu.
6. Copy the provided embed code.
7. Paste the code into your website.

May I include customer testimonials on my website?

In a nutshell, customer reviews provide social proof to your website, build trust in your brand, and give you an opportunity to gain insight into how to improve your product and the buying experience.

What is the process for adding Google reviews to my website?

Using the best techniques, you need to make sure your business profile is verified. This will ensure that your business information is visible on Google Maps, Google Search and other Google services. Additionally, you should remind your customers that it is very straightforward to leave reviews.