Are you wondering why Siteground hosting can be so expensive compared to some of its competitors? In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why Siteground might be more expensive than other hosting providers, as well as the benefits that come with this cost.

Why is Siteground so expensive?

Siteground hosting can be considered expensive compared to some competitors because they have incorporated costly, but vital components to their hosting services. Though the company never shared a reason for rising its hosting prices, it is widely believed that improvement in technology in the form of faster servers, better security, and other features are the main reasons for the high cost. Additionally, Siteground offers specialized plans for large-scale companies that require more resources, which can cost significantly more than the regular plans.

I’m using a simple shared host WordPress for now. I was doing my own research on reselling and hosting my own company. A2 hosting seemed to be the cheapest option, but I decided to go with Siteground because of the quality of their services. One of the main reasons why Siteground is so expensive is the fact that, unlike other hosting companies, it is not hosted on regular servers. Instead, Siteground is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which is one of the leading cloud hosting services in the world. This means that their hosting is more reliable, faster, and more secure than the regular hosting providers.

For a 12-month plan (where you’ll save 10%!), set prices range from $90–$380/month, while a top spec custom made plan could set you back a few hundred dollars a month. The regular price for Siteground StartUp hosting plan is $14.99/mo But you’ll get this plan in this program for only $1.99/mo. You only need a valid university email address to get the student discount. The host doesn’t offer dedicated hosting options, but it does have VPS services as well as cloud hosting available from $100/mo for very large companies.


In conclusion, Siteground is expensive compared to other hosting companies because of its high-quality services and improved technology. Its servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, and it offers specialized plans for large companies. The regular price for the StartUp hosting plan is $14.99/mo, but students can get it for only $1.99/mo. If you are looking for reliable web hosting, Siteground is definitely worth the price.

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Is SiteGround a good value?

SiteGround is renowned for its unbeatable 99.99% uptime guarantee and incredibly fast 311ms speed. Every shared hosting package comes with complimentary SSL certificates, email accounts, built-in caching, native CDN, and automated backups.

What is the cost of SiteGround after 12 months?

The cost of a .com domain through SiteGround is $17.99 per year, while a .net, .org, or .info domain costs $19.99 annually.

Is SiteGround based in Russia?

SiteGround is an Internet hosting firm established in 2004 in the Bulgarian city of Sofia.

What is the cost of SiteGround per month?

GrowBig 12 months
GrowBig 24 months

The StartUp plan costs $19.99/mo. in USD and £16.99/mo. in GBP if you choose the monthly option. If you commit to a 12 month plan, the cost drops to $14.99/mo. and £11.99/mo. respectively. If you commit to a 24 month plan, the cost is even lower at $11.99/mo. and £9.59/mo. The GrowBig plan costs $29.99/mo. and £24.99/mo. if you choose the monthly option, or $19.99/mo. and £16.99/mo. for a 12 month plan, and $14.99/mo. and £11.99/mo. for a 24 month plan.