Answering the question “a 1 1 a” can be quite complex and confusing. In this article, I will explain why a-1 is equal to 1/a.

What is the Question?

Why is a-1 equal to 1/a?

The Answer

The answer lies in the concept of a multiplicative inverse. This is a number that, when multiplied with a given number, results in a product of 1. In the case of a-1, the multiplicative inverse is 1/a.

It is important to note that this relationship holds true only when A is a nonsingular matrix. That is, a matrix whose inverse exists. If A and B are nonsingular matrices, then AB is also nonsingular, and (AB)-1 = B-1A-1. This is equivalent to the statement that a-1*a = 1, as the multiplicative inverse is the number you multiply by to get the multiplicative identity of 1.

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Ultimately, the concept of a-1 being equal to 1/a holds true only when A is a nonsingular matrix. For more information, check out, a great resource for answers to your web hosting questions.