The internet is an essential tool for podcasts: it’s how people find, listen, and share podcasts. But how do you set up your own website for a podcast? In this article, we’ll discuss the different ways to host a podcast on a website, including using a podcast hosting service, podcast website makers, and building a site from scratch.

How to Host a Podcast on Your Website?

Hosting a podcast on your website is a great way to save money and get maximum control over your podcast. However, long-term you will be much better off using a dedicated podcast host. The best solution is to use a reputable podcast hosting service that utilizes a top-tier Content Delivery Network (CDN) service with podcasting best practices.

Make it Easy for People to Listen

The first step to hosting a podcast on your website is to make it easy for people to listen. Make sure your newest episodes are on your homepage and place your audio player at the top of posts. Use legible fonts and colors that are easy to read and access.

How to Make Your Own Podcast Website

There are a few different ways to make and host your own podcast website.

• The Site That Comes With Your Podcast Hosting: Most podcast hosting services provide their customers with a website. This is a great option for those who want to get up and running quickly without having to worry about building a website from scratch.

• Podcast Website Maker Tools: There are also various podcast website maker tools available online. These tools can help you create a website for your podcast in minutes.

• Building a Podcast Website from Scratch: Building a podcast website from scratch can be time-consuming, but it will give you the most control over the look and feel of your website.

Adding a Podcast Player

Once you have your podcast website set up, you’ll need to add a podcast player. To do this, go into the site editor, go to the “Add Apps” section (you’ll find it on the left side of the editor), search for “Podcast Player”, add it to your site, and follow the instructions.

Can I Use My Website to Host My Podcast Files?

Yes, you can use your website to host your podcast files. However, using a dedicated podcast hosting service is generally the best option. It will ensure your podcast is always available, no matter how many people are listening. Plus, most podcast hosting services come with a built-in analytics platform, so you can track how many people are listening to your podcast.


Hosting a podcast on your website is a great way to get maximum control over your podcast. There are a few different options to choose from, including using a podcast hosting service, podcast website makers, and building a website from scratch.

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Is it possible for me to host a podcast on my own website?

You could use your website hosting to store your podcast files, but that wouldn’t be recommended. This is because podcast episodes are usually quite large, so delivering them from the same server will require a lot of server resources, which can be detrimental to both your website and your listeners.

What is the process for putting a podcast on my website?

The steps involved in making your podcast available to everyone online include: 1) uploading your podcast files to a hosting service; 2) submitting your entire show to iTunes/Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc.; and 3) publishing episode players, from your host, to your website.

Is it necessary to have a distinct website for my podcast?

It’s not necessary to have a website for a podcast, yet the advantages of having one are almost too good to pass up. Podcasts have the benefit of being available in numerous places. To create one, sign up with a podcast hosting provider and that’s where your episodes will be uploaded, distributed, and stored.