Are you wondering if you can host a dedicated server and play on ARK? This article will answer this question.

Can You Host a Dedicated Server and Play on ARK?

Yes, you can host a dedicated server and play on ARK. While hosting a server does require a dedicated computer with decent specs and enough resources, it is possible to run a server and play ARK at the same time if you have a high-end PC. Additionally, you are able to host a dedicated server and play on ARK directly from your home computer.

In order to access your dedicated server on the same computer, you will need to enable a NAT-loopback in addition to port forwarding. This process is simple and can be done quickly. A quick video can help you with the setup.

Another option is to host a dedicated server on a console such as an Xbox. Unfortunately, you cannot host a dedicated server on a console but must instead choose an established one.


In conclusion, it is possible to host a dedicated server and play on ARK. Resources must be available to run the server software, but with a high-end PC, this is possible. If you need more information on hosting a dedicated server and playing on ARK, is a great resource for answers to your web hosting questions.

Is it possible to run ARK on a private server?

You could theoretically host an ARK dedicated server on your home computer, but it would likely require a powerful PC to cover the hardware requirements. Even then, the resource consumption might cause regular issues such as crashes and lags for you and other players, even if you have a great internet connection.

Is it possible for me to both host and join an ARK game simultaneously?

If you’d like to join up with friends while playing ARK, you’ve got three options: you can join a server, host your own dedicated or non-dedicated server, or play locally with split-screen.

Is it possible to set up a dedicated server and play ARK on an Xbox console?

Xbox One players of ARK: Survival Evolved can join a server with gamers from other platforms, as the game supports crossplay features.

What is preventing me from playing when I am the host of a dedicated server in ARK?

The first explanation for why you may not be able to host is that your internet connection may not be reliable enough. The second rationale is that you may not have the necessary hardware for hosting. The third potential cause is that you may not have the proper game files installed on your computer.