In this article, we’ll explain the answer to the question: “Does GoDaddy support 2048 DKIM?”

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Does GoDaddy support 2048 DKIM?

Answer to the Question

Yes, GoDaddy supports 2048 DKIM. However, DKIM is only supported on Gen 3 and Gen 4 servers, and is not supported for Windows Hosting. Setting up DKIM for a domain hosted in GoDaddy is relatively straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  • Login to your GoDaddy DNS Manager.
  • Under Domains, click the Manage DNS button for the domain you want to verify.
  • The DNS Manager page will open. Scroll down to the Records section, and click the Add button.
  • You will see a form where you can enter the settings for a DKIM entry. Enter the details, then click Save.
  • If you want to use a 2048-bit DKIM key to enhance your email security, ask our support team to activate it for your account. Your 2048-bit DKIM key will be automatically generated.

Once the DKIM entry is saved, it will start working within 24 hours. To check if the entry is working correctly, run a DKIM test in the email security section of your GoDaddy cPanel.

When setting up DKIM for your domain, it’s important to note that the GoDaddy DNS Manager does not support DMARC. To set up DMARC for your domain, you’ll need to contact the GoDaddy support team for assistance.

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What are the steps for configuring DKIM records on GoDaddy?

1. Log in to your GoDaddy DNS Manager.
2. Under Domains, select the Manage DNS option for the domain you would like to verify.
3. The DNS Manager page will open up with details regarding any existing DNS records.
4. Scroll down to the Records section and press the Add button to insert a new DNS record.

Does namecheap provide support for 2048 bit DKIM keys?

Both 1024 bit and 2048 bit keys are accepted.

Is it possible for a domain to have two DKIM records?

You are able to have multiple DKIM records with different selector names for the same domain, as long as the servers sending the mail are also different.