Having a subdomain is an important part of any website, and if you’re using GoDaddy, it’s easy to set one up. This article will explain step by step how to add a subdomain on GoDaddy so you can get your website up and running in no time.

What Is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a type of domain that is part of a larger domain name. For example, if you have the domain “example.com”, then you can create a subdomain such as “blog.example.com”. Subdomains are a great way to create different sections of your website with different content.

How to Add a Subdomain on GoDaddy

Adding a subdomain on GoDaddy is easy and can be done in a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio: Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the “My Products” section. Click the “Manage” button located on the right side of the screen.
  • Select Add New Record: Once you’re in your Domain Portfolio, select “Add New Record” from the menu.
  • Select A from the Type menu: Select “A” from the Type menu.
  • Enter the subdomain: Enter the name of the subdomain you want to create in the “Host” field. For example, if you want to create a subdomain called “blog”, enter “blog” in the “Host” field.
  • Enter the IP address: Next, enter the IP address of the server you want your subdomain to point to in the “Points to” field. This is usually provided by your web hosting provider.
  • Add the record: Click on the “Add” button at the bottom right of your screen to start making your subdomain.
  • Create your subdomain: Your subdomain will now be live. You can then create content for it and customize it as you like.


Adding a subdomain on GoDaddy is easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined above and you’ll have your subdomain up and running in no time. If you need help with any web hosting questions, check out hostsrated.com for great resources and answers.

What is the process for adding a subdomain on GoDaddy?

Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio (need help with the login process? …). Then, pick the “Add New Record” option. From the Type menu, choose A. Enter the details of your new A record subdomain. (If you want to add multiple DNS records at the same time, you can select “Add More Records”). Finally, click “Save” to add the record.

What is the process for creating a subdomain?

1. To create a subdomain, follow these steps:
2. Navigate to your Domain List and select the ‘Manage’ option next to the domain.
3. Go to the Advanced DNS tab and locate the Host Records section.
4. Click on the ‘Add New Record’ button (if you are unable to edit Host Records).
5. Select the desired connection type from the list.

Is it possible to create subdomains with GoDaddy?

You can set up a subdomain with an IP address by including an A record in your DNS zone file. If you need the subdomain to link to another domain name, you have to add a CNAME record. Log into your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio. (Need help signing in?)

Is there a cost associated with creating a subdomain on GoDaddy?

There is no fee for setting up a subdomain on GoDaddy, however, you must already have an account with them and pay for their web hosting services.