You’ve come to the right place to learn how to transfer your domain to SiteGround. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your domain name to another registrar, unlock your domain name and initiate a site transfer. We’ll also discuss related topics such as domain locking and domain services. By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge to successfully transfer your domain to SiteGround.

How to Transfer Domain to SiteGround?

To transfer your domain to SiteGround, begin by logging into your Client Area and navigating to the Marketplace > Domain Services tab. Under the “Add Domain Extras” section, search for Domain Transfer and add it to your cart. Your domain name must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for transfer. This includes having an active domain name, your domain registrar lock being disabled, and having more than 60 days left until its renewal.

If your domain name meets all of the above criteria, you can order the Domain Transfer service from your Client Area > Services > Domains > Transfer. Click on the Manage button next to the domain name you are interested in. Go to the kebab menu > Registrar Lock and change the status to Unlocked. After that, you can transfer the ownership of the website, including the domain name, from your Client Area -> Websites -> All Site Options button next to the domain name.

How to Unblock Domain Name?

In order to be able to transfer your domain name to another registrar, you need to first unlock your domain name. Domain names registered through SiteGround are automatically locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. To unlock your domain name, head to your Client Area > Services > Domains > Manage. Find the domain in the list and click on the Transfer button. If the domain is not yet in use on our platform, go to Marketplace > Domain services and click Get Started.

How to Initiate a Site Transfer?

To initiate a site transfer, click Select under Migrate Website. Then, you have the option to choose between an automatic migration available for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other popular CMS, or a manual migration.

Transferring your domain to SiteGround is a straightforward process that can be completed quickly and securely. The process is further simplified with the help of SiteGround’s knowledgeable and helpful customer service team.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of transferring your domain to SiteGround. For more web hosting related questions and answers, be sure to check out – a great resource for answers to all your web hosting questions.

Is it possible to move a domain to SiteGround?

To transfer your domain to SiteGround, log in to your Client Area, go to Marketplace > Domain Services tab, then search for Domain Transfer > Get in the Add Domain Extras section. Enter your domain name in the provided box and click on Check Status.

What is the duration of transferring a domain to SiteGround?

The transfer of the domain name to SiteGround could take up to two weeks, depending on the TLD and the current registrar. After the process is finished, you will get a confirmation email from SiteGround to notify you that the transfer was successful.

What is the process for connecting an existing domain to SiteGround?

If you own the domains, whether they are from different providers or from SiteGround, go to your website’s Site Tools > Domain > Parked Domains and input the domain you would like to park.