Are you wondering how much to transfer a domain to GoDaddy? The answer is straightforward: transferring a domain to GoDaddy costs a flat fee of $9.99*, and you get a free year of registration. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this transfer process, including the cost and the renewal process.

How Much to Transfer Domain to GoDaddy?

The cost to transfer a domain to GoDaddy is $7.99 per year. Additionally, you will need to renew your domain registration with GoDaddy once the transfer is complete. Upon the expiration of your domain, you will be charged $7.99 for the transfer fee plus $0.18 for the ICANN fee, and your domain would then expire in 2020 once it was in your GoDaddy account.

If you’re looking to transfer your domain from GoDaddy, the process typically runs you around $10 per domain. That said, there are a few different factors that could affect the cost. For example, some domain extensions have different renewal and transfer fees.

How Does Transferring a Domain Work?

GoDaddy charge a flat fee for incoming domain name transfers and give you the first year with them for free. They don’t charge for outgoing transfers, so if you’re looking to transfer your domain away from GoDaddy, the process is usually quite simple and straightforward.

For most domain extensions, you will just be charged with a regular transfer fee. This fee includes domain renewal. Here you may check the domain transfer pricing:


Transferring a domain to GoDaddy is an affordable and straightforward process. You will be charged a flat fee of $9.99* and you get a free year of registration. After the transfer is completed, you will need to renew your domain registration and that would cost you $7.99 per year. If you’re looking for more information on domain transfers, is a great resource for answers to your web hosting questions.

Is there a fee for transferring a domain to GoDaddy?

The fee for moving a domain to GoDaddy is a fixed price of $9.99*, and you will be provided with a complimentary year of registration. After your domain reaches its expiration date, you will be required to pay an annual charge to keep it.

Is it possible to move my domain to GoDaddy without any cost?

When transferring your domain to GoDaddy, the time left on your registration will still be valid and an additional year of registration is included at no extra cost. Your domain will be the only thing that will be transferred, but our experienced Guides can help you move your email and website to GoDaddy too.

What is the price of transferring a domain?

The amount you’ll need to pay to move a domain name may vary according to the host you use. Generally, you will be billed either a transfer charge or the renewal rate of the domain for one year. In most cases, the cost is between $10 and $15.

Is it possible to transfer my domain to GoDaddy?

It is possible to move up to 500 domains to GoDaddy all at once through our bulk domain transfer tool. Although, if the extension you wish to transfer is not in the list, then it cannot be transferred. Additionally, there are some specific instructions that must be followed when transferring country-code domains to GoDaddy.