Answering the question “what is godaddy domain broker service” can be confusing, especially when it comes to understanding how this service can benefit you. In this article, we will provide an easy-to-follow overview of what the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service is and how it can help you get the domain you need.

What is GoDaddy Domain Broker Service?

GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service is a paid service where representatives do outreach on your behalf to track down the owners of domains that are not easily available on the market. This service allows investors and webmasters to buy domains that aren’t otherwise available for sale. GoDaddy’s experienced brokers will negotiate the best price for your domain and handle the entire process from start to finish. The service is secure and confidential, so you can trust GoDaddy to be your #1 Domain Broker worldwide.

What are the Benefits of Using GoDaddy Domain Broker Service?

  • Save Time: GoDaddy domain broker helps you to buy a domain that is already taken by negotiating with the original Domain Owner, saving you the time it would take to find the true owner yourself.
  • Get the Right Price: GoDaddy’s experienced brokers will negotiate the best price for your domain, ensuring you get the best deal.
  • Secure and Confidential: GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service is secure and confidential, so you can be sure that your purchase will be handled discreetly.

How Much Does GoDaddy Charge for Their Domain Buy Service?

According to GoDaddy’s website, the service fees for their Domain Broker Service are $119.99, plus a 20% commission. While this may seem like a lot, GoDaddy is an extremely well-known domain registrar and a fine one overall.


GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service is a great way to buy domains that are not easily available on the market. With experienced brokers to negotiate the best price, secure and confidential services, and a fee of $119.99 plus 20% commission, this service can provide great value for investors and webmasters. If you have any further questions about web hosting, be sure to check out for more information.

A domain broker facilitates the buying and selling of domain names.

As a domain broker, your goal is to make a profit by selling domain names at prices that accurately reflect their value in the marketplace. Some names may bring more of a return than others, depending on their market worth.

What is the process for using GoDaddy’s domain broker service?

Fill out the form with your contact details and business information.

To start using the Domain Broker Service from GoDaddy, log in to the Domain Control Center, click Buy & Sell from the top menu and select Domain Broker Service. Enter the budget you have allotted and indicate how you plan to use the domain name. Lastly, provide the necessary contact details and business information in the form.

How much does GoDaddy charge for domain brokering?

We require an upfront fee of $69.99 for each domain, which is non-refundable, and a 20% commission on the sale price.

What is the process for terminating my GoDaddy broker service?

Go to Buy & Sell, then click on Backorders and Monitoring. Tick the box next to the domain name you want to cancel and select Remove Selected.