If you are wondering how much it costs to host a WordPress website on Azure, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain the different hosting options available on Azure, the pros and cons of hosting on the platform, and provide an estimated cost of hosting a basic WordPress website on Azure.

How Much Does It Cost To Host WordPress On Azure?

If you are looking to host WordPress on Azure, the cost for hosting starts at $0.20 per hour. If you use the Azure web hosting plan, you can expect to pay around $15-20 per month for a basic website. This would typically include a small virtual machine, a storage account, and a web app.

Azure has the ability to host websites in a shared model which (at the time of this writing) is around $9.50 a month. If you’re not sure if this is the right option for you, it’s always best to consult with an Azure expert to discuss your specific needs.

Below is the guideline on the hosting plans one can choose to setup WordPress on Linux AppService based on your production workloads:

  • Basic: $28.7/month (or $21/month with an annual commitment)
  • Standard: $215/month (or $139/month with an annual commitment)
  • Premium: $317/month (or $253/month with an annual commitment)

If you want to host a static website on Microsoft Azure, you will have to spend anywhere from $0.5 to $2 per month. A static site only needs Storage and a web app.

Pros and Cons of Hosting WordPress on Azure

The advantages of hosting on Azure include scalability, reliability, and security. Azure is a robust cloud platform that offers many features to help ensure your website is always available and secure. Additionally, you can easily scale up or down as needed.

The downsides of hosting on Azure include: Price—Azure works well for enterprise-level sites that require more resources, but can be expensive for smaller sites. Additionally, there is a learning curve when it comes to setting up and managing your website on Azure.


In conclusion, the cost of hosting WordPress on Azure can range from $0.20 per hour to upwards of $317 per month. The exact cost depends on the hosting plan you choose and the resources your website requires. If you need help determining the best plan for your website, it’s best to consult with an Azure expert.

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What is the price of hosting WordPress on Azure?

Azure offers the ability to host websites in a shared model for approximately $9.50 each month as of the current time.

Is WordPress available at no cost on Azure?

WordPress can be utilized for free on Azure and it is simple to get going with WordPress on Azure.

Is it possible to host a WordPress website on Azure?

WordPress can be operated on various Azure services such as AKS, Virtual Machines, and App Service. To view the complete range of WordPress alternatives available on Azure, check out WordPress on Azure Marketplace.

What is the most cost-effective way to host WordPress on Azure?

1. Register for a free Microsoft Azure account.
2. Utilize the pre-configured WordPress setup to create a new resource in Azure.
3. Modify the settings of your resource.
4. Follow the WordPress install wizard to install it.
5. Direct your domain name to your website.